Anina Rüdisüli (Smile)



Young, but dedicated Zouk-Addict and whirlwind, started Zouk in August 2014. Her energy, her cheering smile and especially her commitment to this dance, quickly made her one of the most active and highly asked dancers in Zurich. Despite being fresh into this dance, her skills are impressive and grow at a high pace. Her education and experience as a primary school teacher build a perfect background for pedagogically worthy and fun classes. In her lessons as well as in her personal trainings she attributes great importance to technique and precision just as well as music feeling and zest for life


"Dancing Zouk means to me the expression of emotions, vitality and personality as well as the experience of good company."


Since she can remember she has been doing contemporary dance and HipHop. From September 2013 onwards she attended various classes and lectures at PHZH, the Teachers University of Zurich, on dancing with children and developing spectacles. 

It was in August 2014 when a video of Xhandy and Evelyn inspired her to start with couple dance. Following the slogan „move your feet to the beat“ she has danced a variety of social dances, from bachata, kizomba to disco fox. However nothing exeeded her passion for Zouk. Hence it was no question to her to accept Eric Fehr's offer to go for intense trainings with him (starting from September 2014). In October 2014 she joined the ZOUKademia team and is actively promoting Zouk wherever she walks. Since Dezember 2014 she is teaching regular Zouk classes and workshops, as well as performing on stage together with Eric. 

Since June 2017 Anina is running her own classes together with Antonia Steinbeck and in collaboration with Iron Mams Dance School. We are very proud that she decided to take the next step and we wish her all the best on her ongoing Zouk journey.