Boost Your Zouk

Progressive Weekend Workshops

Do you work in shifts? Is Zurich too far from your place? Meaning, you cannot commit to regular evening classes on weekdays? Or maybe you like to intensify your learning experience? Then our "BOOST YOUR ZOUK"-system of progressive weekend workshops are, what you are looking for. 

Although the workshops are open to ALL LEVELS, our system is adaptive and we will challenge each and everyone of you according to your skills.

Saturday 07. March 2020, 15:45-17:45

Saturday 11. April 2020, 15:45-17:45

Saturday 09. May 2020, 15:45-17:45 



STUDIO ONESPACE, Limmatquai 116, 8001 Zürich


50.- CHF / 25.- CHF (students)

paid cash on location or through the online shop


Enjoy a unique experience every dance! Work in an office? Do you have a wild spirit to express? Add contrast to your life with Brazilian Zouk.


Zouk invites us to grow on three pillars: Physical, Emotional, Artistic.

It offers a wide variety of music, full-body communication and movement, a space to express all your emotions without words.

Join in a dialogue of dance where we become more sensitive with our partners and ourselves. Learn the words of Zouk so you can write your own sentences.


1. Youthfulness at every age
2. An effortless workout
3. Improved body consciousness
4. Wide musical discography, spanning hundreds of years
5. Feel welcomed from your first party
6. Dance all over the world


Eric is renown for his versatile, playful dancing, musicality and dynamics, as well as for his soft and precise leading.

While teaching, he spreads his passion for Zouk in a welcoming and open atmosphere, while putting a strong focus on creativity, precision and technique.