Eric Fehr

Chief Instructor, Owner


He is reknown for his versatile, playfull dancing and stormlike dynamics, as well as for his soft and precise leading and musicality. In his classes he spreads his passion for Zouk in a welcoming and open atmosphere, while putting a strong focus on creativity, precision and technique.

"Zouk is more to me than just dance, it is my passion, my way of life!" (Eric)

"Highly trained and accomplished leader as well as a excellent follower who mixes own personal humor with different styles of zouk dancing including, lambada, Mzouk and Rio zouk.  Very opened minded and striving for greater knowledge to increase his capabilities."

Anthony Lee, London UK

"With his calm and smooth leading, it seems like he carries the women on his hands.."

Sandro, Zurich CH

"Eric's side-effect:

The thought 'When will I dance Zouk again?"

Maria, Zurich CH

"He is eager to always learn more and has attention and appreciation to details, which shows in his dancing. Curiosity and open mind is his secret asset I think, exploring new movements together with his partners, but still always taking care of the gentle connection. He is one of those talented and versatile leads, who can own both fast paced songs as the lyrical ones."

Noora Kykkänen, Helsinki FI

"Empathetic and elegant, with enthusiasm and the necessary perfection"

Claudio, Zurich CH

"Creative, inventive and very soft dancing, but sometimes also very energetic and with lots of walking."

Tama, Zurich CH

"To dance with him is experimental and challenging. You never know what comes next, but it always fits the music perfectly."

Cornelia, Zurich CH

Eric's movement schemes are strongly based on Aikido, which he trained for more than 10 years. The fluid leading (and following) of this martial art, is like a deep meditation while moving together with your partners. Being also a hobby-musician, the discovery of Zouk in 2011 was to him the combination of his two main passions, fluent and dynamic movements with and to music, and the perfect balance to his work as a PhD student in physics. Early on active in Zurich's Zouk community, he is one of the founders of ZOUKademia and has been organizing e.g. Zouk Matters, a weekly social night (every Monday), as well as weekend events with international guests.


Since 2012 he is travelling all over Europe to visit congresses, festivals, to broaden his experience and to enjoy and support the local communities. In 2013 he got invited for the first time to Kiev (Ukraine), to work and teach with Anastasiia Nedobytkina. In February 2014, on request of friends, started to teach regular zouk classes at TanzQuotient, the student association for dance classes in Zurich. He is strengthening his profile as a dancer by taking classes in modern Ballet and HipHop. Despite seeing the dancefloor as his main teacher, he is strongly inspired by Mafie Zouker's and Arkkanjo's technique of NeoZouk and Junior Carvalho's energetic and powerfull dancing, as well as M-Zouk as teached by Daniel & Leticia at Spiraldance.

In 2016 together with Claudia Graf he opened CE-DanceProject and performed shows in prestigious events like Polyball (Zurich, 2016) and Warsaw Zouk Festival (Warsaw/Poland,  2017 & 2018). Check CE-DanceProject on Facebook for more informations: