Forró - Basics (F1)

Beginner course - Every Monday&Sunday

Experience the vivid and contagious vibe of Forró, one of the most popular dance styles of Brazil! Join our lovely and welcoming dance community.

Following a trend we've been observing all over the world and especially here in Europe, within 7 weeks, we will not only introduce you to the most important steps and movements of Forró, but you will learn all of them in both roles, follower AND leader. No more waiting on the side, when you want to dance! Because dance, in our philosophy, is a way to communicate with each other in a dialogue.


Every week, Monday & Tuesday, for 7 Weeks

Next Start Dates - Forro 1:    20:45-22:00

Tuesdays: 10. Nov. 2020 | 12. Jan. 2021 | 02. Mar. 2021

Next Start Dates - Forro 2:    20:45-22:00

Mondays: 09. Nov. 2020 | 11. Jan. 2021 | 01. Mar. 2021

STUDIO ONESPACE, Limmatquai 116, 8001 Zürich


135.- CHF / 65.- CHF (students)


Enjoy a relaxing dance after work and get refueled by the vibrant energy of Forró and the lovely people of our community. Join the DanceForró family and share a good time with us.


All over the world, the community and social interactions play an important role for the Forrozeiros and Forrozeiras. We're not only meeting in a classroom or on a party, but also for cozy practicas and chillouts in our friends apartments.

The variety of music, from fast-paced to slow and sweet, as well as the various styles and flavors you can add, provide you with a wide range of joyful dances and feelings to explore.

Experience the relaxation of surrendering as a follower or take up responsibility and care for your partner as a leader.



1. Vibrant and uplifting dance
2. Connect at all levels with everyone
3. Improved body consciousness
4. Dance whenever you want, no more waiting on the side
5. Join the lovely Forró family & dance all over the world


Eric is renown for his versatile, playful dancing, musicality and dynamics, as well as for his soft and precise leading.
While teaching, he spreads his passion for dance in a welcoming and open atmosphere, while putting a strong focus on creativity, precision and technique. (more about Eric)