Jenny Kurath

Managing Instructor Forró


Jenny is very enthusiastic and passionate about dance (especially Forró). She joined our school & team in October 2019 and already in the first months inspired and triggered a lot of developments by adding another Brazilian dance, Forró, to our class and event spectrum. 

"Dance is my language and a great way to connect with everyone!" (Jenny)

Already passionate about gymnastics and contemporary dance at an early age, Jenny Kurath entered the world of social dancing in 2014. She covered the fundamentals of different genres such as salsa, tango, swing and ballroom dances. In 2017 she found her passion for Brazilian social dances, first with the folk dance, Forró, and later on through the flow of Zouk. On a constant pursuit to improve her technique and repertoire, she has travelled Europe and visited Brazil and Australia. Her passion for dancing comes from her fascination of how people can communicate simply through the medium of music and movement. She has learned on her journey that it is possible to connect with any person, no matter what gender, age, ethnicity, appearance or personality they might have.