Beginner & Intermediate - Every Tuesday

Dive into a full-body dance experience! Zouk is expressivity, passionate joy, an intense work-out, all within a welcoming dance community;


Every week, Tuesday 18:15 - 19:30 Uhr, Beginners (Lvl 1)

Every week, Tuesday 19:30 - 20:45 Uhr, Intermediate (Lvl 2)


You can join 7 week class rows, starting:

Tuesday: 10. Nov. 2020 | 12. Jan. 2021 | 02. Mar. 2021

or drop in to single lessons.

STUDIO ONESPACE, Limmatquai 116, 8001 Zürich


 205.- CHF / 165.- CHF (students)


Stretching is a very effective method to regain and improve flexibility, mobility and release tensions in muscles and fasciaes. This has long lasting benefits and a very positive influence on our general health and well being. Therefore, proper and regular stretching is a key tool to keep our body in shape, flexible and healthy. And it simply feels good!


When our muscles tense up and the fasciaes glue together with our tendons and muscles, we're not only feeling stuck physically (and mentally) but also our natural body functionality, like blood flow or digestion are being disturbed. This can lead to serious health issues and, last but not least, pain.


Tense tissues and muscles squeece the blood vessels and hence reduce blood flow and nutrient transport. Stretching puts strain on the tissues and muscles, creating space for the blood vessels to open up again and blood circulation to flow again.

Mental blocks (feeling stuck) often result in physical tensions and vice versa. Hence, releasing tensions through stretching can help to relax your mind and let you experience a state of deep relaxation and comfort.


1. Improving Flexibility & Mobility
2. An intense but relaxing workout
3. Improved body consciousness
4. Regaining regular body functionality
5. Experience a state of deep relaxation
6. Boost your health


Adélaïde is renown for her experience and knowledge in various topics around body and movement. She is very welcoming, precise and supportive for your personal needs.

While teaching, she spreads her passion for body&movement and helps everyone to reach their individual goals.