Viera Klasovita

Assistent Instructor

Technique Classes / Zouk


Viera is one of our experienced students and a dancer by heart and joined our team as assistent instructor in 2019.

"Dance is my relief and balance to a sometimes stressful life!" (Viera)

Viera started dancing in 2011, by joining her high school dancing group out of curiosity. There she learned to tap-dance for 6 years under the supervision of Elfi Schäfer-Schafroth. Through many participations at the math olympiad, she had her first contact with social dances at the annual math-camp. After starting to study Mathematics at ETH she realized that she wanted to continue dancing. She therefore signed up for a class of social dancing and couldn't stop since. With dance, she found a nice balance to the sometimes very stressful everyday life. In addition, she found an easy way to get to know and to connect with other people interested in dancing.